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The Pilates method focuses on the stabilization and mobility of the joints and the spine as well as on the flexibility of the muscles. Three of the most important Pilates machines are the Reformer, the Tower and the Cadillac. They are designed with absolute detail, in order to provide safety, stability and symmetry.

Some of the benefits of training with the Pilates method are:

Pilates for Rehab

The Rehab program is designed for people who have any musculoskeletal sensitivity, injury, syndrome, disease, or who want to engage in the Pilates method for the first time. In addition, it is intended for people who suffer from any form of cancer or have previously been ill and are in rehabilitation.

The program aims at:

Prenatal Fitness

It is scientifically proven that the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are multiple. This program is designed to ensure the physical and mental well-being of the new mother, enhancing fetal health at the same time.

Prenatal exercise is beneficial because:

Postnatal Fitness

This exercise program is intended for women who have recently given birth. The aim is to prepare them in order to cope with the anatomical and physiological changes during the postnatal period. In particular, exercise helps to restore the body to the pre-pregnancy state, prevents the appearance of postpartum depression and corrects the muscle imbalances that may be caused due to the wrong posture of the body (e.g. during breastfeeding).

Strengthening Programs

You can choose between “Moov it” and “Cirquit Moov”. The “Moov it” program is a combination of 30 minutes of aerobic and 30 minutes of anaerobic exercise. The “Cirquit Moov” program is 60 minutes of circuit training at stations.

One to One program

The One to One program refers to personal training, which involves one trainer and only one trainee. The main purpose of this training is to meet the trainee's needs, adjusting to his/her body requirements. In this program, the trainer is responsible for designing the exercises based on the goals, the body and the time schedule of the trainee.

Some of the strengths of One to One training are:

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